Wing Mirror panel paint colour change

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My 2018 Disco 5 has what appeared to be a paint issue but having been to the body shop it is a fading of the plastic door surround to both wing mirrors. I have raised with Jaguar land rover but am not making much progress as they are suggesting it as wear and tear which is somewhat strange as on this basis all the other plastic panels will have faded as well. The car is black and these panels are also supplied black but they have now changed colour to blue!!!!!! If it was wear and tear all the other black plastic would also have changed colour to blue. To change the panels is not cheap as the plastic panels are supplied with the wing mirror and electronics cost £500 each side.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so what was the solution/outcome?


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Exactly the same on my just purchased 2018 HSE, both sides ???? A bit odd looking but I'm not shelling out on replacements. I may get a quote for a respray
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