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Anyone else having issues with their Disco and getting Restricted performance on the 3.0L Diesel? Had had it in the shop 3 times now with a complete turbo replacement last time to address issue. Now the light is back up every now and then and the car barely has enough oomph to keep going. Funny that turning off the car and restarting it seems to get it going again. Like a bad version of Windows needing a ctrl+alt+del to fix itself short term.

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Hi - just wondering if you managed to get to the bottom of the problem - im having the same issues with my disco5 - struggling at times to get it perform and then have to turn off engine and restart and then all fine. Would very much like to find out if you found a solution before i see a mechanic and risk getting a hefty bill!

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Did you get this resolved? I had this same issue where lost all power when joining the M4…fairly scary. It’s now been in JLR garage for 10 days and they still haven’t worked out the issue despite all the software tracking. Rather frustrating as had from new nearly 5 years ago and done less than 40k miles….
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Hi all! Giving this thread a friendly bump. I too am having issues with my 2018 LR5 3.0 Diésel (56k miles). This is the third time at the dealer and I am not too confident it will be fixed. Any insight you have that I can pass along would sincerely appreciated. Basically, every now and then I will get a restricted performance after a cold start. All I have to do is turn the vehicle off and on I am good for another few weeks. The dealer first said the dpf (filter) was full of soot and to romp the peddle in order to burn off the spot. . . . That didn’t work. Then I took it in again they said it was a hose from the turbo that was being squeezed tight at start. . . .that wasn’t it either. Thanks again for the help in advance and feel free to ask any clarifying questions.
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It happened to us while on road trip in Southern Europe on our SDv6
got restricted performance and engine light on, while overtaking on a hilly motorway in Italy.
car went on stand still on the left lane. scary!
then the car started again and we could drive to Florence.

LR checked it the next day and replaced the fuel filter.
code that popped up was low fuel pressure.

To no avail. efter 600km restricted performance again.
I pulled over- turn off and on the car. restricted performance went off. engine light on.
could get power again but only form 1 of 2 turbos it felt like.

we continued our journey and RP came up again. pulled over and switch off/on engine. drover some further kms.
..TO finally get the engine to shut off , managed to pull over an had to wait to be towed.

Had to be repatriated by plane as no workshop could take it.

Final diagnostic: Fuel pump was replaced. this then at 50k miles

Heard form an LR indy here , that it happened to a customer of his on her tdv6..but at 120k miles.
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There are several things it could be, manifold pressure sensor blocked dpf fault split inlet manifold, throttle housing fault , egr sticking, exhaust temp sensor, split hose,
Need to be looked at , if near watford I work for Langley4x4 kings langley ,we have full land access to diagnostics and updates
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