New Engine Needed after 2 years & 23k miles

Faults and Technical chat for the Discovery 5
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Hi, bought my 2017 2.0 discovery 5 from brand new £65k, 30500 miles on clock now orange engine light on. Occasionally jolts when stopping at a junction. Earlier this year had engine oil critically low but local garage changed oil and filters and this issue resolved. However, now orange engine symbol is coming on and off intermittently. Will call local LR garage on Monday but does it sound like timing belt issue?

Has anyone been successful in drawing this to some kind of ombudsman or equivalent? Landrover can’t get away with this issue on a relatively new expensive car, it’s ridiculous,

Any advice appreciated.


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Post by Unhappy »

I am in the same boat!

Purchased in March 2022

Within 2 weeks of ownership my 2017 2l Disco 5 with 45ish on the clock needed a full engine replacement due to a cylinder failure.

This last 6 weeks it’s been back and forth from the garage me telling them there’s a fault and them telling me it’s fine and they can’t find one. Full service then given (on time). Loss of power, stalling, engine hunting on rev counter, finally got a restrictive performance light intermittently flash up and managed to get a waiting appt to check for a fault code.

Fault code came up with a code p0263-92 and they said to they updated it so drive for a week and see if issue persists.

Sure enough issue was back within a couple miles.

Cars just been in with them a week and they’ve told me it need another engine.

I have gone back to the garage but Helston who had the dealership are now Vertu. They didn’t even have the car history to show the first engine replacement, luckily I have a fine paper trail. I have asked for a refund as I can’t see how this isn’t a non repaired fault from original purchase.

I paid 40k cash for the car and traded in a reliable 12yr old disco 4.

I will keep you updated with how far I get trying to claim my money back.
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look on face book Land Rover SD4 Engine Failure group
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My 2 pence worth for what it’s worth!
Purchased a 67 plate disco and it was fine for 12 months. Absolutely love it - it will go anywhere but at 12 months my husband drove to London- nearly got home and it flashed up engine oil critically low and shut down. New engine and turbo - 3 months of waiting for parts and a colossal bill later!! To be told by a Land Rover garage that most people finance their repairs!! The last 12 months have been a nightmare- engine management light has been on more times than I care to think about - my garage now my number! The ad blue system is a nightmare when the vehicle has been stationary for any length of time as the ad blue crystallises in the lines! Wheel bearings, window cables snapped. Honestly it’s a running joke. The only reason I have kept it this long is that when it’s running right it’s insanely nice to drive and it’s cost us over £20k but I am afraid to say that this week after picking it up from a service for another light to come on was the final straw!
I personally am a little appalled that Land Rover appears to be pleading ignorance of problem or turning a blind eye. I think the fact that companies such as Toyota now give 10 year warranties speaks volumes over land rovers 3 years. Absolutely gutted because if they sorted their reliability out I would have another in a heartbeat but for a top end vehicle that you pay very good money for I think it is frankly embarrassing and rather sad for those of us who buy them at a couple of years old.
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Hello all.

I am in the same boat as you all ('17 Discovery, drive chain failure, new engine needed), HOWEVER...

My car went in to my local specialists, who diagnosed the fault, and ordered a new engine. My warranty company now say they will do the work through thier chosen supplier - this leaves me with an engine on my hands!

Therefore, I have a 2.0 SD4 HSE Luxury SUV 5dr Diesel Auto 4WD Euro 6 (s/s) (240 ps) engine and all associated parts sat on a crate, for sale.

Please contact me if you would interested in buying it - 07411 732913,

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Post by DRATHOD »

Grumpy Graham wrote: Sun Mar 12, 2023 9:18 am Update....New engine supplied and fitted free of charge in Inchcape, Preston. If anyone else is having the same trouble, give Stephen Martin (Service Dept.) a call.
Very happy with this result as I was anticipating a huge battle.
Hi Graham, Unfortunately i am in the same situation LR are replacing the engine under goodwill however can you advise what am i to look out for when the engine is replaced. I presume it is a reconditioned engine did they give you any paperwork warranty etc. for this

Also any issues with the reconditioned engine ? any information would be appreciated
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Post by Grdisco »

And another here. 9 weeks in the dealer and I find out after all the other changes we need a new engine.

Hoping not to have to battle with the warranty covering it. Any advice

2019 HSE Luxury 2.0td. 47k miles
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Hi all,

Just found out I get to join the failed disco 5 engine club. 18 HSE. Wondering how long it has taken for the new engine to actually arrive and is it new or a reconditioned one
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My family's discovery with 52k miles just had the same issue, we had a critical engine oil light and we brought it to a local garage for an oil service(filter+change) now after 2 week on Christmas day we broke down and had to get it towed to a land rover dealer, the dealer said we have a damaged engine and we need to replace it, they are trying to charge us 14k and we don't know what's going to happen
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It’s a common problem unfortunately. I bought my car second hand with 36,000 miles on the clock. I racked up 4,000 and the engine went. Luckily the car had 2 weeks left on the guarantee so cost me nothing, but the total bill was £21,500 for and engine, twin turbos and a new ECU. Landrover are fully aware of the issue but make more money in selling a new engines than they do car sales so they’re not too interested in sorting the issue out. However, if you let them know that you are aware that this is a known issue, they may offer a large discount for the engine replacement. Mine was also a 2L. Personally I think the engine is a little small to pull a car that weighs over 3 tonne.
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