Discovery 5 2019 and 2021 windscreen and battery issues

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I purchased a new Disco 5 HSE in 2019 and had two years of massive condensation issues through two winters, presumably by a leaking screen although no surplus water was ever visible. To keep it brief, dealership unable to rectify after about ten attempts, JLR Technical gave no real support, car was returned and a new 2021 HSE 300D latest model purchased, which finally arrived in July 2021. First winter ok but this year some horrendous windscreen leaks with water pouring in, several times got a lapful while driving in rain and the usual condensation issues when the car is either left in the sunshine or first thing in the morning, almost every day now. Second issue was with the rear seat operation, you had to hold the button down all the time to get the seats to fold down, they came back up with one touch. On the 2019 model ALL of the seat operations were one touch. JLR advised that this was a new safety issue ? ...what nonsense. After my last visit to the dealership, whereby I was complaining again about random seat operation, some even going up and back down of their own accord, they are all now magically ok with a one touch operation ? If I leave the tailgate open for say 30 minutes, then I get the 'battery low, please start engine' warning up on the dash, even after a 60 mile journey this happens. The car has been doing it all the time that I have had it. If you don't start the engine then most operations immobilise, if you then want to close the tailgate you have to start the engine to do so. I called LR Assistance on one occasion, they came out promptly and tested the battery there and then and it gave a 76% reading ? The dealership agreed to replace the battery with a new one last year so this current one is less than 12 months old but I am still getting regular warnings. They are also trying to convince me that the tailgate should never be left open for longer than is necessary, a few minutes at most ? ....what a load of tosh, you should be able to leave it open all day ! It seems from the numerous complaints logged over the years that the Disco 5 has serious design issues, particularly with reference to windscreen fitting/leaking and too many electrical faults, mostly battery issues. When all is working ok the car is probably the best one that I have ever owned, it is my Discovery number 14 since the mid 1990's and it is only these last two that have been really troublesome. I am continuing my battle with JLR and the dealership under warranty but my fuse is getting extremely short now. They are even implying that the issues that I am having are unusual and rare.......really ! Has anyone else had ongoing and recurring similar issues with the battery warning and managed to get it resolved ?

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