Battery Failure Discovery 5 HSE LUX 2019

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Post by MikeTrippett »

I have Disco 5 HSE Lux 2019 and its on its 3rd battery.
While stopping for a car to come out ,the Stop/Start cut in , with no warning , Bang!!
All power failed, no dash display,no start button, no hazard warning lights, still in gear, totally locked up. RAC could not start it, Recovery truck driver could not start it.
Taken to main dealer who on diagnostics said 20+ faults thrown up but after battery replaced all faults cleared and now working fine.
This is the third battery in 4 years .
Previous battery replaced 2 years ago ,by Landrover recovery under warranty, as "battery low start engine" warning kept coming on, but this time no warning lights at all.
Has anyone else had this problem ?

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Post by MrStitch »

I had the same problem. Fix it by change main ground cable attachment place. I'll try to attach pic tomorrow
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