Complete Power Shutdown

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Post by Smoggy »

I have a 2018 HSE 3 litre Discovery.
Twice in one week the car when stationary has stopped on the “stop/start”, however all power is then lost.
The key fob does not work, and the car is immobilised with no way to move it. The battery power seems ok. The only way to restart is to jump start from another car with jump leads.
Does anyone have a clue where to look for the cause of this?
Is this a generic problem?

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Post by MikeTrippett »

Have you had a fix yet? This happened to me . I stopped to allow another car out. Stop start cut in and then bang. All electrics failed .no dash display ,no start button ,locked in gear , no hazard warning lights and worst of all no warning at all. RAC couldn't start it , Had to be recovered to Landrover dealer who said 20+ faults thrown up on diagnostics but all cleared when a new battery fitted. This is the Third battery in 4 years . March 2019 Landrover HSE Lux Discovery 5 UK.
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