Electrics failure & Windscreen leak

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Post by phr »

Exactly the same problem for my 2019 HSE. 2 months out of warranty and also appears to be an exclusion in the LR Extended Warranty. Water coming down the A pillar and from the centre roof console next to the rear view mirror.
Any advice on how to ensure LR or the dealer solves the problem. Comments re Consumer Rights Act noted. Many thanks

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Post by Richard2023 »

Hello Ian
I took my car back to the supplying dealer who wanted to charge me to investigate the windscreen leak. I politely advised them that I was not prepared to pay them to tell me I had a leak and in any case they were liable for the fault as it was a production problem. After seeing the manager she agreed there would be no charge for investigating the leak. I pointed out several times that they were liable under the Consumer Rights Act as the car was clearly faulty. I was told they would make a warranty claim to Land Rover.
I have now heard that Land Rover will replace the screen FOC so that is a good result and we'll done to Land Rover. I do wish however that both the dealers and LR would just be more open and fix this fault without quibbling.
Anyone else has this fault do as I have done and be firm with the supplying dealer.
I would be interested to hear if you and others have had the same result
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Hi Richard (et al), Also a successful outcome from our dealership too. They took it up with Land Rover and they agreed to replace the windscreen and also the damage the water had caused (primarily the gear selector module) as a goodwill gesture. I'm not sure what caused LR to undertake the work FOC - I made it clear that I knew about the issues that LR had with the water leak including them needing to issue a technical bulletin in the US to fix the issue for vehicles manufactured during a certain period, the 'Lemon Law' class action underway in California, our rights under the Consumer Rights Act, etc. Whatever it was, the dealership did well in getting LR to fix the issue - now to see whether it happens again.......
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Post by Jessick0 »

Another December 2017 Disco 5 with a leaking front screen coming through the rear view mirror all over console - taken along to Land Rover Brighton and they have diagnosed the issue as front window screen leaking - suggests a cost of £1700 to replace window screen and reseal!!!! We explained that this is a regular thing online which they never commented on but they have sent it off to Land Rover to see if they will pay - not heard back - fingers crossed - will let you know!
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Just purchased a 21 year Discovery 5 .... now turns out to have a leaky front windscreen. Only just purchased on LR approved scheme so JLR are going to replace FOC .... just showing that later models still affected by this issue.
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So 2018 Discovery5 HSE - less than 30k miles. A few drips of water on dashboard. Then vehicle started dialling Landrover Emergency Services without warning on starting engine. Took to local LR dealer and they immediately said we think we know the issue - sealant known to fail on Discover 5s manufactured during this period and windscreen leaks - into roof console - electrics... So autoglass called to take out windscreen and re-seal . Due to chip in corner of windscreen meant that NEW windscreen needed as although not an issue normally for driving and and simple £50 repair - cannot remove without screen cracking.

Electrics checked and looks like water shorting in console has blown a £800 Telemetry unit in boot so vehicle cannot be driven until replacement part arrives.

This has coincided with JLR's staggering disaster with moving all their parts distribution across to Unipart.

Now my luxury DISCO 5 HSE low mileage car is in its 6th week sat at Dealers and not even an update on when it might ever get spare part to make it driveable.

And all this could have been avoided by JLR doing a service recall , or at the very LEAST a SIB issued to check all vehicles with this bad sealant to be checked at their next service.

New windscreen best guess £800? Blown Unit £800? I will be expecting a lot of GOODWILL from JLR on this or will certainly we the last JLR vehicle I ever buy.

JLR letting the dealers down massiveley , and in turn the end customer.
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Sorry to hear about the trouble. Got same thing here.
Just curious here..what did you mean with
"Due to chip in corner of windscreen meant that NEW windscreen needed as although not an issue normally for driving and and simple £50 repair - cannot remove without screen cracking."

Can there be a £50 repair by just resealing the windscreen?
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Post by Staunton »

I own a 23 plate discovery. About weeks after taking delivery (new vehcle) I noticed water ingress around the gear selector and cup holder. Also the centre touch screen was intermittently flashing green and red. The vehicle was taken back to Landrover Derby and supposedly repaired. Upon return both problems persisted but in addition the car would randomly select manual gears when driving in automatic. For example you would be driving at say 50mph and the car would drop down into second gear manual. In addition the car would have bouts of vibrating on all four wheels then this would stop for say a few minutes but then if you restarted it would go away. In addition the car safety / auto steer would engage on a completely straight road with no markings causing you to swerve. (I have all auto assist setting off) Landrover again took the car back and diagnosed there was still a leak. They told me again they had tested for faults and nothing detected. To this day the gear select problem intermittently persists with LR dealership telling me they can’t find a fault. My wife is refusing to drive the car having had a near miss and aggressive altercation with another driver when pulling out of a junction where the manual gear engaged.

Any experience or advice much welcomed. It is like talking to a brick wall at LR they are asking for video evidence which I have of the centre screen and vibrations but very difficult to get of the gear problem, as I exclaimed I’m not filming top gear!!


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