Electrics failure & Windscreen leak

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Hi Bibulus and Peter

I am surprised that you work for customer experience ? I presume you are not working for Land Rover ? I only resorted to CCing the CEO after exhausting all other channels, apologies don't carry any weight unless the person apologising sort out the issues if not they are just empty words,.
my father has a Dacia Duster 4x4 purchased b rand new from Griffin Mill Dacia in Trefforest their customer care and service are second to none. Sadly they do not have any Land Rover only Dacia, Renault, Nissan and Fiat.
So Land Rover sort your dealers out ?


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I have a 2017 First Edition Disco 5. I experienced windscreen leaking in December 2019 and took it in for fixing under warranty. Lookers West London said at the time that they replaced my windscreen with a new one but I now have my doubts as it started leaking again yesterday. I’m taking back to them on Thursday to see what they say but I’m suspicious that they cuts costs in 2019 and did a bodge by sealing the old windscreen.

I read some forums last night where a customer was told they had replaced the windscreen but said he noticed an old sticker on it which proved they hadn’t replaced it. Apparently he was told that they have to have a spare on site but they do try to reuse the windscreen if they can. I read another post which said the cause of leaking may be contamination of the windscreen at the factory which is causing the glue not to bond properly. That might give credence to the theory that Lookers have simply tried to reseal my old windscreen.

I read another post which said the heating elements in the windscreen are causing the glue to melt.

Whatever the case, this is the second failure and totally unacceptable. I can’t believe I’m having to go back a second time for this issue. I see a class action has been started against JLR in the US on this issue. Unbelievably poor.
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I have a disco 5 17 plate which is my wife’s car. 30000miles had to have a replacement engine due to a terminal engine failure. I have just returned from holiday to find the cup holders filled with water carpets soaking and roof liner by the rear view mirror wet. I am concerned about impact to electrics and the fact the car is out of warranty.

Never had issues like this on any cars I have opened or I. Our company fleet .

What are the views on the reason for the leak and whether JLR will correct the issue out of warranty ?
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Post by mark-2017HSE »

2017 March Disco 5. Had this from new so now out of warranty, started leaking from Right hand side windscreen. Wet patches behind visor and dripping water down to the glove boxes.

Recommended windscreen replacement but £800+.

Anyone tried sealing this or is a replacement the only solution?
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Have had my Disco 5 for just over 4yrs. Last month windscreen started to leak so took it in to my local dealers.
They checked it out and said it required replacing as in the earlier models the electric element in the screen was too close to the top of the screen and was causing the bonding to fail over time and there was no way to repair the problem.
They contacted Landrover on my behalf who I was told initially agreed to cover the replacement.
Car was booked in for today for replacement of screen.
Now told the Landrover will only cover 80% of replacement cost. Screen fitted by dealer with no issues but had to pay £199 towards the cost of £980.
Hope it lasts!
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My disco has also just started to leak / flood - it’s out of warranty. Has anyone had any joy getting DLR to replace windscreens out of warranty given this is a known issue? Thx. N
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sadly, ours is another one to add to the leaking windscreen club. 2018 HSE, 21,000 miles and 8 months out of warranty. Pools of water inside the car, cupholders, footwells etc. The local LR bodyshop today took a look and said that it was a common problem because of the design of the roof, nothing to do with windscreens or seals. Apparently F-Paces are similarly afflicted - there was one in being tested for the source of a similar leak. Quote for repair awaited. Given the apparent frequency of this issue, there has to be scope for an enterprising solicitor to take on a class claim against JLR. The design is not fit for purpose.
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NickMorg wrote: Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:37 am My disco has also just started to leak / flood - it’s out of warranty. Has anyone had any joy getting DLR to replace windscreens out of warranty given this is a known issue? Thx. N
Any update on this - see my post today, I'm in exactly the same position as you!
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My Disco 5 was 2 months out of its 3 year warranty. I left it out in the rain and noticed that the windscreen was leaking, took it to dealer £1200 to fix ( along with another £700 to replace a sensor in EGR system!!) I think this should be under warranty (its now 3 months out) - they have basically said get lost. I feel like I should take this up with LR, but where do you start? I should have learnt my lesson before ( I had a RRS and the first service out of warranty was £4.7K!)
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As noted above, our car has been leaking like a holed ship. It is now in the bodyshop - apparently a delaminated windscreen is to blame. After 3.5 years and 30,000 miles. Will be taking this up with LR.
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