2017 Disco HSE Windshield Leak - LR unable to fix

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Post by BeachDisco »

I know there have been a LOT of windshield water leak issues with Disco5's. Has anyone else been unable to repair and/or invoked a lemon law due to leaking? I'd love to hear your outcome. Here is my situation...

I've got a 2017 Disco HSE that I purchased new in June of 2017. At the time I also purchased the Land Rover 72mo / 100K mile warranty.

In March of 2019 the windshield started leaking horribly during heavy rain and flooded the center console and floors. The windshield was fully replaced at that time under the N221 recall by Mission Viejo Land Rover. Then in January 2020, just nine months later, the windshield started leaking again in the same spot. LRMV brought the car back in, but this time they only sealed the leak, instead of replace the glass. A week after that repair it was leaking again, so LRMV sealed it again. Then less than a year later, in Nov of 2020, the windshield started leaking again in the same spot. It flooded the interior and center console again during a hard rain.

In November of 2020 LR of Mission Viejo replaced the windshield AGAIN. At that time the vehicle only had 19K miles on it.

Now it is December of 2022 and the windshield is leaking in the exact same spot in the same way. LRMV says it again needs a new windshield (#4), but the car is 5.5 years old and has 35K miles. It is still within the 72mo original warranty I purchased from Land Rover, but they claim this repair is excluded from the Land Rover "extended warranty". After management escalation, the best they are willing to offer is 40% off the repair.

The Land Rover 72 month Vehicle Protection Plan does have an exclusion for "glass", but that assumes broken glass and not perfectly good glass with bad glue/seal.

I am speaking to a California lemon law attorney today to find out options to have them purchase the car back. The timing of the issues all appear to fall under the criteria of the LL.

I'd love to know if anyone else has been unable to fully resolve their leaking Disco.

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Post by Grumpy Graham »

I have a 2017 HSE which I bought here in the UK as 15 month old 15k miler in November 2018. In January 2019, the windscreen started leaking and it went back to the dealer.
4 weeks later I got it back after the windscreen was refitted free of charge. Fast forward to November last year and it started leaking again. The dealership couldn't let me have a courtesy car until Feb this year so I put up with it. The dealership rang when they had looked at the windscreen and said JLR would foot the entire bill for a new screen but as a genuine screen wasn't available for some time an OEM screen would be fitted by an outside company.
All Good?....No. Whilst not was there a technician thought it sounded a bit noisy. They did a compression test and no. 1 cylinder is down on power and now it needs a new engine. It's done 57k and has been serviced in accordance with the schedule. I'm waiting to hear back from the dealership as to what JLR are going to do about this. So frustrating but at least I have a new windscreen that doesn't leak. It's just a shame I can't drive the car anywhere.
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Post by Willo »

Hi BeachDisco,

My 68 plate Disco windscreen has just started leaking. Subject to any further expert opinions and what JLR UK might say further I form the preliminary conclusion that this is a production / design fault and therefore a latent defect.

My local Landrover dealer refused to mend it under any warranty. I have contacted the vendor dealership in Inverness who have so far also refused to repair it as a defect or under any warranty.

I am drafting a letter of claim to Jaguar Landrover UK and the Inverness dealership. It looks like this issue is a significant/widespread problem and I am minded to seek pre-action disclosure from JLR UK about the numbers of Disco 5s which have had this problem. It would also be interesting to ascertain if historically customers' were having greater success with having this issue resolved by JLR than they are now, and if this is the case has there been a policy change by JLR and why. Does anyone else on the forum reading this know of any internal JLR policy change in how dealerships are to deal with this issue?

Of course it is interesting to see the reference to the case in the USA on the Lemon Law website. Looking at the court listing and management website for that case I think one can conclude that the parties came to a settlement: if anyone knows more about this and can confirm this or correct my conclusion if it is wrong I should be grateful to know. If other owners have had the same problem and have been caused to pay to correct this defect it might well be worth giving consideration to bringing a group claim here in the UK as many cases would fall within the Limitation Act timescale given the vehicle ages. Perhaps this type of claim could be a case that solicitors would take on with a contingent fee agreement.

I am as interested as @BeachDisco to hear anyone else's experience.
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Post by The highlander »

My Disco went into Parks, Inverness.

I recall when the Disco was in for an engine replacement under LRs own extended warranty, I was supplied with a replacement vehicle until mine was repaired. It took about 8 weeks.

When the garage was washing the car prior to giving it back, they discovered a windscreen leak what wasn’t there before. Despite me escalating the event to LR Chief Executive, they wouldn’t fork out £150 to have it resealed.


Because they said they paid out for the car hire whilst my car was off the road when they didn’t have to, so didn’t feel obliged to pay for the resealing of the windscreen. I disagreed, but it got me no where.

All this for £150! It was pathetic. A Chief Executives office that found this approach acceptable is totally unbelievable.

So after buying 7 new LRs in my time, always having them serviced by LR, never penny pinching with any of them, purchasing their warranty, then I feel qualified to say buy LR at your peril, the after sales service is diabolical if anything goes wrong. I won’t go back once I am finished with the vehicle. I wouldn’t touch LR with a 10’ barge pole.
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Post by TMills27 »

Hi all

I am experiencing the same!
Tonight I put two towels over the windscreen and a picnic blanket! I have also put a baking tray over the gear knob area to hold any water that leaks.

My electrics are not working properly. I have a 2018 HSE Discovery that I purchased online during the end of Covid (Jan 2022). Purchase from the Land Rover Dealership in Scotland and I live in Bath so, literally miles away.
Within 6 months of owning it, I had my engine fail so, that has been replaced. My deployable side steps stopped working properly. I’ve had them removed now and fixed ones attached instead as LR said they wouldn’t cover the cost.

Was going to call LR customer care tomorrow morning to discuss leaking windscreen.

Please keep updating everyone on here. I refuse to spend more £ on this car.
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Post by Hugo2222 »

We have a 2018 Discovery, we purchased it from a Land Rover dealership in July 2022. It has been absolutely fine until yesterday when water started to pour through from the middle plastic by the windscreen where the rear view mirror is. I’m just not sure what to do as I have searched the internet and this problem is so widespread.

If it is so common who do I contact to get it fixed? It is out of the dealership warranty but this is not a wear and tear problem, this is a design fault.

Please let me know if anyone has successfully contacted Land Rover about this and can advise.
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Post by Ricey »

My advice: You probably need a stone to accidentally go through your windscreen then get it replaced through your insurers by National Windscreens for the £100 excess. National did it two days later. Worked for me.
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Post by NatM1995 »

I have a January 2018 Discovery HSE which I have owned from new. I am assuming my problem is windscreen leak. As I sometimes have condensation on the windows and when I am driving and I can hear water slushing about under the carpet and the carpets are obviously soaking wet aswell. Any help or suggestions to fix this?? What is best way to remove water from underneath carpet and dry the carpets??? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Post by Len24011 »

I have april 2018 discovery 5 HSE which has unfortunately developed the windscreen leak which poured water onto the centre console and took out the gear stick module which meant the discovery would no longer start. We had it recovered to our local garage which diagnosed the problem straight away. We decided to e mail jlr who promptly told us that any good will would only be considered if it went to a Landover dealership (165 per hour labour) they were not prepared to pay for recovery so we got the vehicle to the dealership where they assessed it. Leaking windscreen damaged gear module which we already knew. We were told the repair would be in the £3000 range and they would not be able to do straight away. So it's been in since 12 January the new windscreen is going in today 8 th march and the drying out process started. The dealership in formed us that jlr would only cover 20% of the bill as good will because of the the age of the vehicle. I find this insulting as the fault is a manufacturing fault and a windscreen should last the life of the vehicle. Has anyone had luck pursuing this issue with the motoring ombudsman or the small claims court.
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Post by keysFem »

Hi Done about 800 Miles in mine over the last 3 weeks - checked the level again and its dropped so topped up almost a litre. Couldnt see any leaks - Oil level looks OK and not too high i was worried about a cylinder head leak but i still cant see any water/coolant leaks either????????????? Now im worried


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