New Engine Needed after 2 years & 23k miles

Faults and Technical chat for the Discovery 5
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Another one to add to the tales of woe. 2017 2.0 engine failure exactly the same as most others describe. Sadly only wife in car with kids as I was away with work. The car had been back to dealer under warranty twice before as it was loosing coolant. Was told this was normal on those engines. They found a cracked header tank and then refilled it. Took car back a week later as it had lost coolant again and they said it was an air lock but the pressure test was fine. A week later wife is stranded on side of dual carriage way.

Covered under warranty however a long lead time for parts so they’ve offered me a Quashquai or whatever they’re called as a courtesy car. Not really going to cut it for a family of four with bikes and paddle boards going on holiday is it. They say they can’t do any more.

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2017 Discovery 5 HSE Luxury L462 2.0L twin turbo Land Rover Ingenium engine 246HP - noisy deceleration coming from air intake (small tractor)/ lack of power - no alarms and engine oil normal level. Happens only after engine is well warmed up.

During first service check, was found with one fuel valve putting less fuel in than it should, oil filter contaminated with metal (iron) debris and oil diluted (not sure with what). I have got a 28k Euro bill to change engine, turbos, fuel valves, exhaust gas cooler and EGR valve.

I did some basic checks on the following before going to service: electronic vacuum valve actuators on turbos, VGT linkage movement, both compressed intake air hoses integrity, vacuum piping, oil level and air intake filter were found good. Other than some clips, nothing else was disassembled.

The engine is still able to perform good when is cold, but after approx. 20 min of city driving (highspeed driving is not as effective), engine starts to misbehave as above.

The recording was made before the service check, I was unsure what parameters are relevant. Starting with 16:05, the engine builds little power to increase speed. In the first 10 minutes I was driving up a small mountain and later driving down another 10 min. Rest is on the plane field. I was a bit sportier than usual, hoping to be able to reproduce the wrongdoing. I was alone in the car with no extra loads.

Bought the car new and serviced in approved workshops. At 64k km / 3 years changed first engine and turbos with same behavior as now, but car was driven until failed (not turning and no oil found). Now 2nd engine has two years with 24k km and is already banana. Quite relevant I would say, each time these two engines started first to misbehave, was while we were returning from long Europe motoring trips (more than 5K km - family of 3, two drivers, fully loaded and roof box, without trailer). 2 years back in summer, when we first encountered engine issues, we were approx. 5 driving hours before it completely failed. Car was checked by a Land Rover service with no findings, and we had continued our trip home.

If for anyone is somehow relevant, please comment on below on what. I still have some less relevant (to me) recordings. Recorded graph is a bit impossible to follow, I know.

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Sadly joining this thread... 2017 Discovery 5 with only 60k miles died at the weekend with all the symptoms described in this thread... dealer says probably slipped timing chain which normally leads to an engine replacement.

I'm out of warranty but can't afford to fund a new engine... can anyone share their experience of if/how they got JLR to take financial responsibility for replacing the engine?

There's no way that this should be happening to an expensive car with just 60k on the clock...
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We have a 17 plate disco 5 and it's started stalling in reverse. Has leaking windscreen which I fixed myself.
Electrical faults are mirrors don't always open outwards.
Speedo doesn't display .
Hunting idle with any aircon on and stalls.
I have been told it's likely a cam sensor the stalling. He did top up oil and adblue and it hadn't stalled for a month and it has started stalling again and it will be idling and you go to accelerate and push the pedal down and nothing happens. Very embarrassing and dangerous . We bought it used from kentdale Land Rover.
On delivery it had oil leak all in the engine tray. I paid to have the cam cover sorted myself but it clearly shows they didn't do any checks as the oil was about 4 mm deep in the tray.
Can anyone tell me what work has been done on my vehicle as I don't trust it now.
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Sadly joining this thread with the same issues as everyone else....2017 Discovery 5 with the 2.0l Ingenum engine covered 57,000 miles.
It went into Inchcape, Preston with a leaking windscreen (again, which fortunately JLR have agreed to replace free of charge) but whilst there a technician thought it didn't sound right and recommended a compression test which I agreed to pay for expecting the warranty to cover once any fault was identified.
Cylinder 1 down by 10%... new engine required at a cost of £12,000 not including turbos if they are damaged as a result.
The extended warranty have said that they won't pay anything towards the cost as the last service carried out in November 2021 was 1,000 miles overdue and 4 months late. Despite the fact that the car has been back in their workshop 3 times in the last 3 months for EGR related issues it has been fine so the late service hasn't caused any problems until now almost 15 months later.
Inchcape have referred this to JLR and we're waiting for a response but I've been told to expect the same stance as the warranty and for the same reason, late service.
If anyone has had a positive result from JLR please let me know as this is all too common and with cars that cost this much money they shouldn't be failing at all let alone with such low mileages. I suspect a class action is needed.
Grumpy Graham
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Post by Grumpy Graham »

Update....New engine supplied and fitted free of charge in Inchcape, Preston. If anyone else is having the same trouble, give Stephen Martin (Service Dept.) a call.
Very happy with this result as I was anticipating a huge battle.
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Has anyone had two engine replacements yet. Just found out my 2018 Discovery 5 had an engine replacement at 49380 just before I bought it and now the second engine has failed 1 year later with 24000 miles. Same issues cutting out at Junctions, no warning lights plenty of oil, no pressure cylinder 1 block knackered, do I have to fit an engine every year.
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I have a 2018 HSE 2.0L Diesel Disco with 55,000km. I'm experiencing vehicle to jerk at low speeds (feels like someone crashed from rear). I think this happens when gears changing from gears 1 to 2. Recently it has started to happen even at speeds around 60 kmph. Also, at traffic light it is very slow to pick up, sometimes I feel like driving a truck. I took the vehicle to the dealer. Initially I was told it needs a new engine due to low pressure. Next day I was told transmission software was not up to date and updating this will resolve the issue. I brought the vehicle home thinking it is fixed. Now it has become worse and happens very frequently. I would appreciate suggestions of what I should do and if anyone has experience similar problem.
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So we got our 2018 HSE back 2 weeks ago with new engine fitted and it's already done it again, lost power at a motorway junction and stalled at traffic lights, has no power when you put your foot on the gas etc. So what now! The car was at the dealers for a month having a new engine under warranty fitted and within 2 weeks it's done the same thing again, very very dangerous.
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Grumpy Graham wrote: Sun Mar 12, 2023 9:18 am Update....New engine supplied and fitted free of charge in Inchcape, Preston. If anyone else is having the same trouble, give Stephen Martin (Service Dept.) a call.
Very happy with this result as I was anticipating a huge battle.
Did you buy your Disco from Inchape and does Stephen Martin work there or for JLR in general.
I’ve got a 2017 Disco 55k and the engine has just gone….. 🤦🏼‍♂️
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