New Engine Needed after 2 years & 23k miles

Faults and Technical chat for the Discovery 5
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I'm new to this page so Hi ! Would really appreciate some help or guidance - we have a disco 5 which broke down last week and diagnostic says is it needs a new engine due to a broken crank shaft. We are so disappointed. What was the outcome of yours please?

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My 18 month old Disco5 needed a new engine - never really found out why - massive silence from JLR - dealer had 2 others with same issue
Keep complaining to Natasha Plumley at JLR HQ - then sell it and get a Lexus ! That’s what I’m doing !! Great cars but TRULY AWFUL RELIABILITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE
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Just seen your post.

I am in the same situation.MY car has just had engine failure. 2017 DIscovery 5 2 litre engine 24,000 miles .REd engine warning light ,sudden limp mode then engine knocking and stopping.All happened very quickly.

It was towed to LD Preston .Still waiting for diagnosis.

Can I ask has anyone else had this problem ? The car is out of warranty. Did LD behave honourably ?
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So sorry for all of you out there with engine failures - I never got any answers as to why the engine failed
JLR are trying to hush this up but there is a reason they are bottom of the reliability charts
The dealer - Hatfields - were useless - just got rid of mine and got the Lexus RX
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I’m in a similar situation with a LR discovery 5 and 2 litre engine.
Car is 2017 with 38k miles on. Engine oil has iron filings in and turbo is knackered as well. LR are saying it’s new engine which comes with a massive price tag. How did you all get on with LR paying towards the repair?
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Hi all, new to the forum. My engine seems to have suffered a similar fate. It’s 17 plate, 43k on the clock and full service history. We were travelling around the M25, when the red alert, oil critically low came on the dashboard. With 30 seconds, the power was cut and we limped into the hard shoulder, which was worrying, as initially it was a section without any hard shoulder. We managed to make it by the skin of our teeth.

I called out the RAC, and they tried to start the car, but the engine is seized!!

It’s now with Land Rover for investigation, but I am worried as the car is out of warrant for just over a year. I think I’m going to go down the sales of good act if they try to charge me, as there’s no way a £60k+ car should fail so soon.

I’ve also seen this mentioned a lot about these engines, so it would seem there’s and inherent problem. Also, is the oil was low, why no warning until a catastrophic failure occurs.

I’m really disappointed, this was my dream car!
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So I own a 2017 Discovery 5 with the 2.0 Ingenium engine, my story is, I was driving on a dual carriage way when suddenly I had a little loss of power and the Critical Oil level warning on the dash. I pulled over immediately and the car came to a halt and stalled. Not able to start again, would turn over but not start. Called Land rover assist and as my warranty had now run out they got me recovered to a point of safety out of curtesy. The AA man checked the engine and there was no oil in it. It has spent the last two weeks at an engine and gearbox specialist who informed me that the engine needed replacing, the Turbos also needed replacing, and for good measure the failure had caused a DPF blockage so this also needed fixing. It has never missed a service and the last oil and oil filter change was done by LR themselves around 10k miles prior. It was always serviced by LR up until the last one which I got my local garage to do for me.
I am going to collect my car from the repair shop today actually, let me tell you my pockets are a lot lighter I feel sick.
How can a car like this that can tell me the spare wheel needs pumping up, or a 1500 mile pre warning that the ADblue needs topping up but it cannot tell me a critical fluid for the engine is getting low. It is utter madness, who honestly checks their dip stick nowadays. Where could have all the oil gone? I think I would have noticed it if it was burning off.
Anyways I will not be resting until LR take some of the blame for this, from what I've seen on the 2018 plate model they introduced an oil level sensor so it can be read electronically from the dash?
They initially opened up a line of communication with my Lawyer but then refused to help as I had one service done by a garage that was not a LR approved one. We will have our day in court if need be.
Incidentally the Engine specialist tell me they currently have 23 Land rover/Range rovers of a similar age all in the process of or waiting to be repaired like mine.
We are talking about a 4 year old expensive car!!!!

Would love to have your thoughts and similar stories to back up our plan of attack. They need to be held accountable.
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OMG - this just happened to me on Saturday eve. 43k 2017 Disco 5, travelling down to Devon and the red triangle „critical oil level“ came on before losing all power. Recovery mechanic reckons engine is ceased so sounds just like the issues on here - but waiting for recovery of the car to the garage before can finally be confirmed.

This is absolutely unacceptable and it is unbelievable on such a modern car with such limited mileage.

So a few questions please:

1) For those who had luck getting help from JLR - who did you contact (your local dealer or head office and which numbers/emails)?
2) Anybody mange to get help even though out of warranty? Obviously mine is well out of warranty but given lockdown if I had kept on driving rather than working at home for 18 months - it would have likely failed in warranty?

Any advice re. Fixing it? Should I wait until Land Rover have been spoken to?

Thanks so much
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I just joined this site tonight to say the same thing has happened to me.

2017 2.0 disco 50k miles coming home with wife baby and 2 toddlers, 9pm, car suddenly got a bit wobbly (about 65 mph on an A road), before I knew it oil light flashed up and then battery light and it lost power, all in say 30 seconds. Squeezed into last inch of the hard shoulder thank god as we stayed there for over 6 hours waiting to be rescued with HGVs flying past all night and kids crying. Torture. Wife and kids taken in taxi at 3am (still 70 miles from home) and I went in tow truck at 5am.

A far cry from the TV adverts of the high end family car....!!

Car currently with the dealer for diagnosis but sounds very much like the above. Local mechanic friend did have a quick for me to give me a heads up before it goes in and he says 'cracked piston' but I await the formal verdict.

Relevant to the above post I've been told by the dealer that once over 4 years the initial contribution of LR is 40% (down from 80% which is after 3 years) and they will then make a case to LR to pay more if car looked after, not my fault etc.

As an aside I am a solicitor and whilst I don't do work anything like this one of my partners who does says its definitely worth 'a go' at them if they don't get to a decent % contribution as like everyone Sat's above, it just should not happen. I will use him if I have to.

Anyway, I'll see what they say, the cost, the contribution and then argue if I have to.

Anyway, I thought it was all worth sharing as I was most interested in all the above.
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I have 4yr old discovery 5 40k miles on clock and in garage needing a new engine! Failed compression test on cylinder 1 apparently! They seem so blasé when they tell you it needs new engine like it’s nothing! Seems it happens a lot I’m also out of warranty and hope there maybe some goodwill??!
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